Cloud Computing



  • OSS, Inc. has seen Cloud Computing as an advantage for businesses looking for growth, profitability, improvement in control cost, better risk management and compliance.
  • OSS, Inc. offers Cloud Computing services according to three fundamental models that are Cloud Application, Cloud Platform, and Cloud Infrastructure.
  • OSS, Inc. has extensive experience in Cloud Computing focused on scalable infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service cloud computing solutions.
  • Provided leadership for Cloud Computing Technology and Business Development through organizational collaboration to maximize market applicability, relevance and quality.
  • Provided Technical Leadership for Cloud Reference Architecture and Implementation.
  • Identified Cloud Computing opportunities and synergies.
  • Provided secure architecture design in cloud computing.
  • Designed secure cloud computing algorithms and protocols for secure cloud data storage and privacy-preserving information retrieval.
  • Designed operating strategy, framework and methodology that enabled clients to develop their Cloud Implementation Strategy.
  • Designed the underlying business and service management processes for consuming rapid elasticity and dynamically scalable resources through IaaS Cloud Computing technologies.
  • Supported users globally in multiple line of business.
  • Performed testing, design, and delivery of server virtualization and cloud computing strategies.
  • Provided Enterprise Architecture focused on Cloud Computing available for Consulting Engagements.
  • Provided technology and architecture for strategic direction and long-term vision for clients’ Cloud Computing initiatives.
  • Provided Productivity Optimization for Cloud Computing.
  • Served an Enterprise Architecture on large projects aimed at achieving mission related objectives using transformational technologies such as SOA, Virtualization, and Cloud Computing.