ORACLE 11g Database administrator

Everything an excellent DBA – data base administrator – needs to know to manage the ORACLE database.

This education approaches the main activities of the ORACLE Database Administrator (DBA):
Installation, maintenance, administration, routine implementation, performance analyse and availability, data security, backup and database management.

ORACLE 11g Database administrator

Oracle 11g: Fundamentals I – SQL e SQL*PLUS

  • SELECT Command and use of the powerful language SQL*PLUS.
  • Restrict and order data using the clause as WHERE, and operator as BETWEEN, IN, LIKE, AND, OR…
  • Functions as single row, conversion functions and conditions expressions.
  • Showing data from several tables with JOIN command.
  • Sub-queries with SET operator.
  • Create and management of tables.
  • Manipulating data in relational tables.
  • Constraints implementation.
  • Working with VIEWS.

Oracle 11g: Fundamentals II – PL/SQL Language

  • You are going to work with PL/SQL Language in practice.
  • Creation of anonym PL/SQL blocks, functions and procedure.
  • Creating triggers to solve business challenges (Database DML Triggers).
  • Database interaction (SQL in PL/SQL commands).
  • Control structures (loops, control structures).
  • Developing and using Packages.

Oracle 11g: Database Administrator I

  • Create and manage the ORACLE database instance.
  • Create and manage data storage structures.
  • Configure the ORACLE environment.
  • Create and manage users.
  • Implement ORACLE Database security (Auditing).
  • Monitor the database and manage its performance.

Oracle 11g: Database Administrator II

  • Understand the components of the ORACLE architecture related to backup and Recovery.
  • Manage the database tables and Indexes.
  • Create the database physical backup.
  • Create a database recovery in case of failure.
  • Elaborate a backup strategy and recovery, according to the specifics needs of each business.
  • Configure the database to a recovery.
  • Guarantee the database security with the appropriate methods of backup and recovery.
  • Learning about Flashback Technology and duplicated data in case of backup and Recovery.
  • Learning how to use Recovery Manager (RMAN), create backups and Recovery operations.
  • Diagnose failures.
  • Create table space Backup.

Oracle 11g: Database Optimization and Performance

  • Optimizing the database increasing the performance.
  • Learning how to identify what are the database components that need optimization.
  • Showing techniques and types of database optimization.
  • Creating several ways of database optimization.
  • Testing changes before implementation using ORACLE tools.
  • Knowing and learning how to use several ORACLE tools.
  • Customizing o database Oracle.